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First Horizon achieves AWS Advanced Services Partner status

First Horizon, a subsidiary of the First Technology Group, has earned its AWS Advanced Services Partner status within a year of being launched.

This is a major achievement and will unlock even more value for businesses that use First Horizon’s extensive AWS expertise.

First Horizon General Manager Rodney Power explained that his team was able to achieve this impressive feat by leveraging the extensive expertise that existed within the First Technology Group.

“We unlocked pockets of AWS expertise and excellence within the group and combined them into a dedicated business: First Horizon,” said Power.

The business then used this expertise, as well as the impressive resources available from First Technology Group, to achieve all of the prerequisites to become an AWS Advanced Services Partner in record time.

“These prerequisites include launching 20 opportunities to the value of at least $10,000 in monthly recurring revenue – which we far exceeded – and acquiring specific professional qualifications,” Power explained.

The skills requirement was the most challenging, said Power, due to the well-documented skills shortage in the South African technology industry.

First Horizon therefore worked hard to find the best AWS talent in the country and is delighted with what these employees have brought to the business.

“It was thanks to the dedication of our talented team at First Horizon, as well as the support of the First Technology Group, that we were able to achieve this advanced accreditation within a year,” he said.

Benefits of an AWS Advanced Services Partner

AWS Advanced Services Partner status proves that First Horizon is an expert in providing an extensive range of AWS solutions to its clients.

“Being an advanced partner gives customers peace of mind that you know what you’re doing when they ask you to help them with important projects, like completely rearchitecting their environments,” said Power.

It allows First Horizon to focus on developing key competencies in specialized AWS topics, too, which will set it apart as an industry leader in numerous areas.

These key competencies will build upon First Horizon’s existing knowledge and expertise operating across a broad range of AWS markets – from delivering managed services to the SMB market, to providing technical support and bringing comprehensive storage solutions to large companies.

First Horizon is also committed to working with the public sector and is in the process of engaging with various municipalities.

The First Technology advantage

First Horizon was created to help First Technology transform from a specialist in Microsoft and on-premise solutions, to a true multi-cloud company.

First Horizon’s Advanced Services Partner status is therefore not only important to the First Horizon team, but to First Technology as a whole.

“First Technology has been strong in Microsoft and on-premise solutions for a long time, and now we’re strong in AWS, too,” said Power.

“At First Horizon, we provide great value to First Technology, and in turn, we have been able to leverage First Technology’s experiences over 25 years in the South African technology industry.”

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